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As a family-owned restaurant, Chapps Burgers has always been about making people happy and content. This has been true since the first day we opened in 1984. After all, there’s no greater pleasure for us at Chapps Burgers than to meet people’s expectations and serve our customers with delicious burgers made with love and the freshest ingredients. It’s all about improving the restaurant experience for our loyal and new customers every day.


Sincerity and communication

Guests at Chapps Burgers are not just a number. We view our guests as a part of our family. After all, they are the ones who help us continue this tradition and make Chapps Burgers true Texas burger institution. Therefore, all customers are treated with a smile and warm welcome. No one feels excluded at Chapps!


Menu flexibility

People have their own food preferences, and we at Chapps strive to make their restaurant experience truly perfect. This is why we start off by making our burgers with 100% USDA choice all-natural Nolan Ryan Beef and farm-fresh vegetables delivered daily. There is no heat lamp in sight. But this is not all. We cater to different tastes by allowing our respected customers to craft their own burger as well as different diets, with veggie burgers and salads being a must on the Chapps Burgers menu.


Knowledgeable and friendly staff members

In order to best represent our values and traditions, and the special feel of a family-owned restaurant, we at Chapps are family and work together as one. This means that every single member of our staff shares the same values and dedication as the founders. Such an enthusiasm helps us provide the best possible restaurant experience for our guests. People can ask questions and enjoy the respect that they deserve.


Authentic restaurant experience

At seven locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, customers can always expect an authentic, friendly and warm service as well as the juiciest and most delicious food to satisfy their palates. We at Chapps Burgers create value through family bonds, tradition, and quality, which our customers easily recognize and support. Treat customers like family, give them a great meal, and the rest will take care of itself. This is what the charm and beauty of local family restaurants is all about!