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Chapps Burgers we all know and love today opened its doors to the customers in 1984 for the first time. Thanks to our dad’s vision about a deliciously perfect, all-natural burger, a simple idea quickly became reality; we’re proud to say that Chapps Burgers has been a true Texas burger institution for more than 30 years. Our dad gave a shape and possibility to this wonderful idea of his, but it was our mom that kept it coming truer and truer ever since. With such a perfect combo, just like our bakery buns and Nolan Ryan beef, the power of women at Chapps Burgers only grew stronger. Not only has Chapps Burgers been led by a woman, but our right-hand, boots-on-the-ground, can’t-live-without person is also a woman.


The power of women in restaurant industry

According to the National Association of Women Business Owners, there are three strong industries that have shown a notable rise when it comes to women-owned businesses. Among those industries, food services and restaurants are at the top of the list. It’s absolutely amazing that Chapps Burgers has actually been a part of something so incredible and empowering since its beginnings. Not to mention that the number of women-led and –owned restaurants is constantly on the rise every year. As Chapps is a family-owned restaurant, a female touch is extremely important. After all, people still love burgers and we still love making them. The love and respect make the main force behind the Chapps Burgers engine; and it wouldn’t be what it is today without the gentle yet strong-minded lead of our mom.


Supporting initiative for women-led restaurants

The support is overwhelming yet long-anticipated and well-deserved. With Grubhub delivery app openly supporting women-led restaurants, the power of women in this particular industry has become even more strikingly obvious. It was really hard to tell who holds majorly important culinary roles unless they were well-known chefs. But now, thanks to this new initiative called RestaurantHER, people can learn about the cooking magic happening behind the closed doors at the restaurants, as well as the incredible number of female magicians behind it. We couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this initiative. As a loving family, everyone at Chapps Burgers hopes that  more and more young ladies will find this profession attractive.


As years went by, we never lost sight of our dad’s vision, nor have we lost the loving, respectful and familiar concept our mom set for Chapps Burgers, making it the No. 1 restaurant of North Texas plains. We invite all of you to celebrate International Women’s Day this March and enjoy tasty burgers at one of our seven locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.