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We can tell you all about the purely business tips of successfully running a restaurant, but in order to be truly successful, there’s a lot more to add to the formula. Obviously, first you need a very good idea like our dad had back in the ‘80s. He wanted to treat people with delicious burgers that they deserve. Slowly, that idea became a reality. However, in order for our family restaurant to become a place that our customers trust and enjoy today, it took a lot of hard work, love for what we do, dedication, preparation and perfection behind Chapps Burgers concept in order to put things on the right track.


Without the customers, there would be no restaurant

As a family-owned restaurant, our goal at Chapps Burgers is to make everyone happy, comfortable and satisfied with both service and food. This is why we make sure that we use only 100% USDA Choice all-natural Nolan Ryan Beef for our delicious burgers. Only the best ingredients are reserved for our kitchen, with burgers made to order. With daily shipments of farm-fresh vegetables, we are proud to say that Chapps Burgers provides only the top quality cuisine for hungry families of the North Texas plains.


Tasting the food is the ultimate moment of truth

Dedication, preparation and perfection behind Chapps Burgers success secret are not-so-secret ingredients that we put in each and every order. You won’t find anyone in Chapps just throwing the ingredients into the plate. Every single recipe we offer on our menu is considered and made with care and customer’s happiness in mind. Aside from tasty and juicy burgers, you can also get salads, veggie options and kids’ meals with numerous toppings, dressings, cheeses and sides to choose from.


Nothing less than perfect leaves our kitchen

You can find Chapps restaurants at seven locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, and be sure that perfection is the goal in every single one of them. This is why we also pay a lot of attention to the way we present our burgers. In the end, there’s nothing more encouraging than to see happy customers from the moment they get to experience our food. After all, we treat our burgers like we treat our guests. With RESPECT!