Why You Should Choose a Family-Owned Restaurant

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Why You Should Choose a Family-Owned Restaurant - Chapps burger on a plate

If you want to enjoy the traditional taste of burger, and even craft your own, you’re welcome to visit us at Chapps Burgers. As a family-owned restaurant, our goal is to convey our family values and the love we share for a delicious burger to our precious customers. Everyone who visits us becomes a part of the Chapps family, which is precisely one of the main reasons why you should always choose a family-owned restaurant.


Built on family traditions and values

Chapps Burgers was opened in 1984, as a flourishing idea our dad had. With years, and great lead of our mom, Chapps has grown together with the community and our family. We pride ourselves on being hardworking people making big, juicy, delicious burgers with fresh ingredients for other hardworking people. Chapps Burgers is a restaurant with rich history and is still something that is constantly strengthening the family bonds. Interested in learning more about the founders of Chapps Burgers? Then feel free to read this interview!


The owners are invested in the work

Chapps Burgers is a family creation, a child if you will. If you wonder why you should choose a family-owned restaurant, the answer lies in the fact that the restaurant is nurtured and cared for, with personally invested owners, in order to become something amazing that will provide you with the best possible service. When you visit Chapps, you can expect all-natural beef burgers, sandwiches, fresh vegetables, and buns. We get shipments every day of fresh Texas beef from the legendary Nolan Ryan brand. Ingredients are always fresh, and just like in life, there are no shortcuts!


A family-operated restaurant

Chapps Burgers is not only a family-owned restaurant, but also a family-operated one, with aunts, uncles, and cousins all working as a family team to bring the tastiest menu right before you. With seven locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, we like to think that as a family, we get to give back to the community, and have our neighbors, friends, and travelers enjoy our legendary burgers. After all, we treat our burgers like we treat our guests. With RESPECT.


There’s always room to grow

Chapps Burgers is continuously growing. There’s always something new and innovative that makes every day more exciting. To choose a family-owned restaurant means to support the creativity and pursuit of the best possible flavor. This is also why you can craft your own burger at Chapps, with six different types of cheese and fifteen different toppings to choose from. Guests can also pick between white and wheat bakery bun, and the burger itself (½ lb. and ¼ lb. all-natural beef, house-marinated grilled chicken breast, turkey burger and veggie burger). Of course, there’s a lot more on the menu waiting for you at Chapps, so don’t hesitate to pay us a visit!


It’s been many years and countless burgers since that fateful day in 1984. Many things have changed, but the important things have stayed the same. People still love great burgers, and we still love making them. That’s how an idea grew to become a Texas burger institution, and a family-owned restaurant a local tradition!