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“The best stories are like the best burgers: big, juicy, and messy.”

― A.D. Posey

No matter what part of the world you live in and the kind of a diet you practice, a juicy burger will always put a smile on your face. This is precisely why there are so many different kinds of burgers, with different meats as well as plant-based ingredients suitable for vegans and vegetarians. That said, you will find Chapps Burgers’ offers quite satisfying on your way to celebrate the National Burger Day, as we’re proud to present 100% USDA Choice all-natural Nolan Ryan Black Angus Beef®, cooked to order with our secret seasoning blend and served on a grilled bakery bun. Of course, delicious turkey and veggie burgers both await if these are more to your taste and diet.


How the National Burger Day came to be?

If you think about, burgers present the good in the world; the occasion for families to get together, employer rewards for the employees, the best kind of a meal for the lunch break or the first meal you share with someone you like on your first date. Dig deeper and you’ll realize that burgers make an important part of your history as well.

Mr. Hyde wanted to celebrate their favorite food, which is how the National Burger Day came to life. The celebration is not just about the burgers per se, but the place one has eaten the burgers and really liked them. After all, when you like certain burgers, you’re really praising the place that’s making them so well. This is why Chapps Burgers is very happy to welcome you on this special day for everyone across the globe, but especially people who know how to appreciate that juicy and heavenly burger taste.

In all honesty, no one can really claim the discovery (or the patent) of a hamburger. But, regardless of the inventor, it’s positively certain that this delicious meal has got its name after the second-largest city in Germany – Hamburg. As you can imagine, there are all kinds of different meats and preparation techniques available these days when burgers are concerned. Still, the root of it all comes from this beautiful city.

Basically, ground beef used to be seen as a mere waste product at the time in Hamburg; like cheap leftovers. However, in this day and age, we know just how valuable and premium ground beef can be, especially the one used to make delicious, top-quality burgers, such as Nolan Ryan Black Angus Beef we use at Chapps Burgers.


How to celebrate this fun holiday?

Does this question really need answering? We at Chapps Burgers await you at our seven locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. This day is the perfect opportunity to cut yourself some slack and try out the most exquisite concoctions that we offer. For starters, you can craft your own burger with the possibility to choose between different meats, buns, cheeses as well as various toppings. Chapps Burgers values the tradition of a tasty burger that makes everyone happy, which is precisely why we want to make this important day on May 28th special for our valued customers. We welcome you with open arms and some serious deliciousness. Happy National Burger Day!