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We at Chapps Burgers sincerely hope that you’re making the most out of your Labor Day holiday. And if you’re a fan of tasty grilled meat like we are, you’re probably planning a nice get-together with your friends and family right next to your outdoor grill. If you’re ready to enjoy yourself to the fullest and get a feel of the professional grilling skill, consider our Labor Day grilling tips; you’ll definitely surprise everyone with the overall organization and tasty burgers.


Set the scene

Before the actual grilling, it’s important to set up the space just right. This means that you need to secure your cooking area and make sure that everything is safe. Keep the fire extinguisher close by just in case. Also, prepare your meat and vegetables beforehand. So, chop your veggies and season your patties. Don’t forget to season your grill as well – that way the patties won’t stick to it. Furthermore, make sure that you have enough propane, especially if you’ve been grilling all summer long.


Utilize Google Assistant or Alexa

We at Chapps Burgers are proud of our skilled staff as well as the main rule we stick to: never cut corners! With the all-natural Black Angus beef burgers, sandwiches, fresh vegetables, and buns, Chapps enjoys keeping our customers happy and satisfied. But, if you’re on your own during the holiday grilling, you might want to get some help from Google Assistant or Alexa. These can help you create the ultimate ingredient shopping list and even find the perfect beer and wine pairings. You can ask them to set the timers for the grill and play music during the get-together.


Non-stick grill

For our Labor Day grilling tips, we want to make sure that you don’t have to stress over a sticky grill. As mentioned, seasoning works well but there’s another very effective trick that you can try. Basically, don’t forget to get a couple of potatoes when you’re shopping for your Labor Day BBQ. Cut the potatoes in half and rub them on hot grill grates; this will prevent the patties and other items from sticking quite efficiently.


Come to Chapps Burgers!

One of the best Labor Day grilling tips we have for you is to enjoy your day off as much as possible, ditch all the work and simply come to Chapps Burgers for the tastiest and juiciest burgers in the area. When you’re hungry in DFW, you know where to come – see our seven locations. At Chapps, we’ve got tons of options to help you build a burger of monumental proportions! Check out our full menu to see the plethora of different burger crafting possibilities!


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