Chapps Burgers Family is The Best!

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Chapps Burgers family is the best

Gathered around true traditions and values, Chapps Burgers family simply couldn’t ignore the need for help. Our Texas family helping other Texas families impacted by Hurricane Harvey’s devastation was something we took very seriously. Most importantly, we’re glad to say that our loyal customers made a huge difference! The plan was to donate 10% of all our earnings to the American Red Cross on September 1st. The fundraiser was a success thanks to the amazing and heartwarming response. Thanks to you, we raised thousands of dollars for the American Red Cross! At Chapps, we’re proud to be able to do something to help our fellow Texans through this difficult time. What’s more, we’d like to remind all of you to continue helping storm survivors if you’re able. You can give to the Red Cross disaster relief fund for Harvey here.


Discover the juicy taste of tradition at Chapps

Experience the mouthwatering sensation of Chapps burgers at one of our seven locations and become a part of Chapps Burgers family! Don’t hesitate to bring your friends and loved ones with you to enjoy the pleasant, friendly and comfortable atmosphere. After all, the more the merrier! You can rest assured that you won’t wait for long for your order since all our staff is very efficient even though we definitely never cut corners. All of our burgers are made to order so that you can truly enjoy the freshness and juiciness of Nolan Ryan Beef as well as the rich taste of the locally-sourced bakery buns.


Chapps Burgers family fun with Custom Craft

Chapps burgers are made with only fresh Nolan Ryan Beef, and are available in 1/2 or 1/4 lb. patties to match any appetite! Our fries are hand-cut and fresh, and we offer a wide array of toppings and add-ons to help you craft your perfect burger – from bacon and grilled mushrooms to sliced avocados and fried eggs! Find your nearest Chapps and make everyone in the family happy. When you want the original taste, you can count on the most delicious American cheese. A true burger masterpiece, Chapps’ Knockout Burger is definitely for more adventurous sorts while those of you who may be interested in trying something a bit different would most certainly enjoy our Texas Tiki Chicken.


The support we receive is the support we want to share with everyone. Every family is unique and you can bet that our Chapps Burgers family is too. There’s a reason why our burgers are like no others you get to try. We use special blends of spices and seasoning and practice special treatments when it comes to meat processing. However, we like to say that our main ingredients for the amazing and deliciously nostalgic Chapps taste are quality and integrity. It’s time to dig in!