The Recipe for Success – what makes Chapps Burgers Different?

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What makes Chapps Burgers different

With so many fast food restaurants out there, sometimes it’s hard to choose where to go for your next meal. If you go to a well-known franchise chain restaurant, it’s the easiest solution. The food tastes the same at each location, there’s no surprises, you know what to expect. There’s no guessing to what you’ll get. However, a family-owned small franchise like Chapps Burgers offers more. To give you a bit of insight into the creation of our classic burger, here are just some things that make Chapps Burgers different.


When we say fresh… We mean it

Many fast food vendors will state that their food is fresh. After all, how do you really test a claim like that? At Chapps Burgers, we cut our fries every morning. This means that they’re fresh every day, and not taken out of a freezer. No burger is complete without fresh vegetables. We don’t cut any corners here either… We just cut fresh vegetables each morning. Instead of going for store-bought, pre-packaged and stored vegetables, we opt for the best possible solution. There’s no substitute for fresh ingredients, and freshness is just one part of the Chapps Burgers equation.


Size does matter at Chapps Burgers

If you walk into a run-of-the-mill fast food restaurant, chances are they won’t tell you the exact size of their burgers. Restaurant owners and staff do this to hide the amount of meat you actually get in a burger. We’re not really into false advertising, so all of our burgers are 1/2 lb, with the exception of Baby Chapps, which are 1/4 lb. Sure, there are places where you may be able to get a 1/2 lb burger, but most of them serve it as two smaller patties on a bun. Albeit a neat shortcut (thinner patties cook faster), it sacrifices quality. Bigger patties taste better and offer more texture.


Our secret recipe makes Chapps Burgers different

If you’re a complete skeptic you could say – anyone can make a burger. True, but it won’t be a Chapps Burger. We don’t use off-the-shelf condiments and spices. Instead, we make our own blends of spices and seasoning. These are made for burgers only, and they enhance and compliment the taste of our fresh ingredients. Perhaps you’re not a burger kind of guy or gal and you prefer chicken. Our chicken doesn’t just come from the grill – it gets special treatment. Our in-house marinade gives it an extra punch and a unique taste you will instantly recognize.


On top of everything above, something that we’re proud of the most is our history. Chapps Burgers is a family owned operation since its very beginnings. We believe in tradition and nurture our heritage as a family-owned restaurant. Come check out our menu and let our friendly staff show you why Chapps is a place where you will keep returning to.