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Only a couple of days left until the Fourth of July! We hope that you’ll have a great time with your family and friends, getting out that grill and enjoying yourself. But, that’s the thing; do you have a menu plan for your grilling endeavor on this important day? Obviously, a burger must find its place on that menu. After all, burgers are the American staple, which is something we at Chapps Burgers stand for as a traditional, family-owned restaurant. So, can you create your own perfect 4th of July burger? Of course, you can! With Chapps Burgers backing you up, everything is possible!

Chapps Burgers experts are here for you to offer some useful tips on how to make your 4th of July burgers as tasty as they can be. While we cannot reveal Chapps Burgers secrets, we can still make sure that everyone absolutely loves the time around your grill and your burger skills. So, pay attention:

  • It’s perfectly fine to blend different meats into the burger mixture. That way, you’ll get an interesting combo of juices and flavors. Of course, we at Chapps Burgers will always root for the beef as we’re proud to cater to our lovely customers with 100% USDA Choice all-natural Nolan Ryan Black Angus Beef®. Still, if you want something different for your palate, mixing beef and turkey can work exceptionally well.
  • When placing your patties onto the grill, make sure that they’re completely cold. That way they’ll be juicer when done. Otherwise, the meat can shrink a bit too much during the grilling process.
  • Having troubles with your grill and flames? In order to avoid burning your patties too much, simply place them at the edges of the grill to avoid direct flame from the center.
  • This is a very common mistake. But, if you want a perfect 4th of July burger, refrain from mixing the seasoning into the meat. Instead, form a patty and season well on the patty’s outside. You don’t really need anything but salt and pepper to make it taste delicious.
  • You want to preserve all the juices inside your burgers. This is why you should never press them with your spatula as you grill. Many people do this because it feels that the patties are grilling better, but that’s not true and you’ll be only losing the taste.
  • Your bun of choice needs to properly hold the meat. Buns that are too thin or prevent you from holding your burger properly can ruin the whole experience. A perfect 4th of July burger deserves a good bun as well. Pretzel roll or brioche are easy choices.

Of course, don’t hesitate to visit Chapps Burgers at one of our seven locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex if you want a nice prep for your flavored 4th of July!