What Makes Chapps Burger Perfect?

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What Makes Chapps Burger Perfect? - cheeseburger with fries

We at Chapps Burgers are proud to deliver only crème de la crème when it comes to the food we serve to our customers. After all, our customers are like family; and as a business with traditional family values, there’s no greater joy than to be able to satisfy the taste and hunger of our customers. Chapps Burgers opened its doors far back in 1984. Since then, hard work and love of what we do allowed us to grow and improve. We don’t settle for the current situation when it comes to making Chapps burger perfect; after all, everyone at Chapps strives for constant improvement. This, we like to think, is precisely something that makes our burgers the best they can be for everyone to enjoy.


Quality means everything to us

In order to make Chapps burger perfect, we like to start with fresh 100% USDA all-natural Nolan Ryan Beef. Our customers can be sure that there are absolutely no additional ingredients and additives in our burger meat. Of course, we don’t have a need for heat lamps. Every burger is made to your order. Just like that, customers can always count on fresh and specially seasoned French fries; it’s hand cut in-store. Buns are fresh from the bakery. We also like to spruce things up with our own unique marinade used to marinate Chapps grilled chicken. Also, customers can find only the freshest veggies at Chapps Burgers as they are cut and prepared daily. After all, we wouldn’t dare to call our burgers the best or perfect unless we didn’t treat them like we treat our guests – with respect.


What Texas burger institutions are made of

One of the things that makes Chapps burger perfect is the fact that you can craft it however you like; always count on the top quality ingredients, no matter what direction you want to go for. Not only can you enjoy all-natural Nolan Ryan beef and grilled chicken, but turkey and veggie burger as well. The next step is your pick between white and wheat bakery bun. Continue to choose your favorite cheese with 6 different options – American, Cheddar, Swiss, Pepper Jack, Bleu Cheese, and Mozzarella. Finally, have fun choosing among 15 different toppings (Grilled Onions, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Pickles, Cajun Spice, BBQ Sauce, Grilled Mushrooms, Grilled Jalapeños, Grilled Pineapple, Bacon, Fried Egg, Avocado, Chili) to truly craft the burger to your own perfection.


Chapps Burgers welcome you at 7 different locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, so don’t hesitate to come and see for yourself what makes Chapps burger perfect. Of course, you may also be interested in learning about Chapps favorites: Bacon Cheeseburger, Mushroom Cheeseburger, Jalapeño Cheeseburger, Baby Chapps Combo, Philly Cheesesteak, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Grilled Cajun Chicken Sandwich, Grilled Chicken & Bacon Sandwich, Mushroom Chicken & Swiss Sandwich, Hot Dog, Grilled Chicken Salad, Grilled Cajun Chicken Salad, Grilled Chicken Salad with Bacon, and more!