Burger Benefits: Eating at Chapps Makes Everything Better

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Burger Benefits: Eating at Chapps Makes Everything Better - cheeseburger in hands

Just like fruits, veggies, and nuts, red meat, and especially all-natural Nolan Ryan Beef we serve at Chapps Burgers, makes for a very important part of your nutritional diet. To get all the burger benefits when eating at one of our seven Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex locations, we make sure that the meat is always fresh, just like the vegetables we use to make your meal healthy and delicious. Be it a salad, burger or sandwich, together with our side dishes, you’ll never find us needing to use a freezer since we value tradition, taste and quality above all else. When you stop by next time, feel free to create your own perfect burger and, aside from an amazing taste, enjoy the following benefits as well.


Get your much needed iron

Iron is responsible for supplying your body with oxygen. Therefore, shortage of iron is never a good thing. Luckily, four ounces of burger meat is enough to provide an adult with approximately 3 milligrams of iron. Obviously, you can get your iron from other foods, but your body absorbs the biggest amount of iron from meat.


Keep your red blood cells and yourself healthy

One other very important vitamin when it comes to effective oxygen distribution throughout your body is B-12. Essentially, both men and women need around 2.4 micrograms of this vitamin so that the production of red blood cells is optimal, and you get the necessary oxygen to every cell in the body. With a four ounce patty you can get at least 3 micrograms of B-12 and meet your daily need. Obviously, we at Chapps want to make sure that you’re not only happy with the taste, but feel amazing as well, which is why we serve our customers with ½ lb. i.e. 8 ounce all-natural Nolan Ryan Beef, to get the maximum burger benefits.


The source of burger benefits – protein

Burger meat is the rich protein source, especially when it comes to Chapps’ top notch beef. Protein presents your body’s source of energy, it builds muscle as well as gives structure to the cells. Depending on their lifestyle and diet, people need between 50 and 175 grams of protein per day. And we’re happy to say that one delicious Chapps burger will provide you with 60 grams of protein.


Enjoy the taste and healthy burger benefits as we welcome you to Chapps restaurants. Also, we’re very happy to say that you can now order your favorite patties online as well (at our 2045 North Hwy 360 location (360 & Green Oaks) in Grand Prairie). Don’t miss the chance to use the “NEWONLINE” code and get 15% off until the end of January!