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Our origins, like our burgers, are easy to love.

Long ago in a bygone era known as the ’80s, a ravenous young dad (SPOILER ALERT: it’s our dad) stared down at a skinny little burger on a fast food lunch tray. It occurred to him that this was a sad excuse for a hamburger, much less a meal. But Fort Worth didn’t offer many choices back in those days, and there was limited time to get back to work. There really wasn’t a better choice.

He was just considering how much more satisfying the all-natural beef burgers he made for his family at home were when inspiration struck. Across the street, something in the plate-glass window of an old diner caught his eye: a “for sale” sign glittering in the noonday sun.

Less than a year later, the first Chapps was born.

Thanks to our loyal fans, today Chapps restaurants dot the North Texas plains, serving hungry families all over the area. Our menu and our family-owned restaurant have grown over the years, but through it all, we’ve never lost sight of the value of our dad’s vision. Treat customers like family, give them a great meal, and the rest will take care of itself.

It’s been many years and countless burgers since that fateful day in 1984. Many things have changed, but the important things have stayed the same. People still love great burgers, and we still love making them.

That’s how an idea grew to become

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