Chapps Burgers: The Benefits of Beef

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benefits of beef - three burgers with cheese and toppings

We at Chapps Burgers are proud to offer delicious burgers made from 100% USDA Choice all-natural Nolan Ryan Beef®. All our burgers come with a secret seasoning to make the taste even more unique and juicy. Prepared with a grilled bakery bun and cooked to order, Chapps burger is definitely going to make your day! And, as a first restaurant to serve Nolan Ryan Beef burgers, we are happy to provide our customers with value, tradition, integrity and all of the benefits of beef for their health.


Protein helps maintain muscle mass

Beef is one of the richest sources of protein available, and especially all-natural Nolan Ryan Beef that Chapps uses for our burgers. Unfortunately, these days people tend to lack protein in their diet, which is the main ingredient for keeping the muscles strong and age-defying. With Chapps Burgers available at seven different locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, your daily intake of protein is just a walk away!


Improve your workout performance

Beef is very rich in carnosine, which is one of the responsible compounds for proper muscle functioning. In general, the higher the levels of carnosine, the less fatigued you are going to feel after an exercise session.


Prevent anemia

Anemia is a relatively common condition these days. Essentially, this involves a lack of red blood cells as well as a decrease of oxygen in the blood. Iron deficiency is one of the most common causes related to anemia. The symptoms that usually follow include weakness and tiredness. Luckily, beef is a great source of iron, which can help combat the symptoms of anemia as well.


Grass-fed beef

You can count on the fact that Nolan Ryan Beef is grass-fed as we at Chapps Burgers only want the best for our loyal customers. When it comes to benefits of beef, grass-fed beef is a considerably better choice. After all, it contains a higher antioxidant content, a bigger amount of Vitamin E as well as more omega-3 fatty acids. Grass-fed beef also has less fat, which makes it the best possible option out there when red meat is concerned. It is full of healthy nutrients that can make all the difference in your diet and lifestyle.


Not only are Chapps burgers grass-fed and perfectly cooked, but they also come with a whole range of tasty toppings, cheeses, and vegetables. After all, when you use the best beef in Texas, there’s absolutely no reason to use gimmicks. We enjoy making juicy and fresh burgers and pairing them with our famous french fries. As a family-owned restaurant, we pride ourselves on bringing you the tradition, values, taste, and respect you deserve.

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